An Artist in Melbourne

Marinka Parnham is an Melbourne based painter, textile designer, visual arts teacher and mother. She grew up as a creative, always with a paintbrush or pencil in hand, experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

Marinka Parnham

Marinka Parnham

After completing a degree in textile design at RMIT and working as a hand painter designing bed linen, she went back to complete a degree in education to become an art teacher, wanting to share her passion with others. She has now come full circle and returned her focus to her true love of painting.

Inspired by nature, landscapes and colour, her paintings are vibrant and full of life. Flora and Fauna are always a focus of inspiration to her, taking their colour, movement and texture. Parnham’s work has continually evolved and her newest collection resonates well with modern interiors adding bold pops of colour and an energetic vibrancy to any space they occupy. Parnham herself says, “I am continually inspired by colours, pattern, movement and nature. I see everyday objects and how they can be translated and transformed into captured moments in hanging art.